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Whether or not you are sure you want to end your marriage, it is important to learn the basics of divorce law. Moreover, if you have concluded that divorce is necessary, it is important you seek assistance and counsel from an experienced Bergen County NJ  divorce attorney.

Divorce Versus Legal Separation

A divorce is different from legal separation and is a judicial decree by which a valid legal marriage is dissolved.  With the help of our experienced Nutley divorce attorneys, you will have a greater chance at securing favorable terms during the divorce process. From a legal standpoint, the divorce process divides a couple’s assets and debts, determines the future care and custody of their children, and gives each person the legal right to marry someone else.

Common Issues in Any Divorce

For couples with little or no marital property, no children and no disagreement on spousal maintenance/alimony, the legal divorce proceedings can go very quickly. Most couples, however, have numerous and often contentious issues to work out during the divorce process. These issues include:


In any divorce, especially one involving complex property matters, the guidance and advocacy of an experienced family law attorney is essential.

Dealing With Divorce

For some people, a divorce may feel like a liberating new beginning. For most, however, it is not that simple. Ending a relationship as important as a marriage brings a multitude of complex and difficult emotions. Indeed, recovering from a divorce is often compared to the grieving process one goes through when a loved one passes away. Typically, this process involves five stages: shock and denial, anger, ambivalence, depression, and recovery. Not everyone experiences these emotions in the same way or in a progressive sequence. In fact, many people move in and out of these individual phases more than once, even experience more than one phase at a time. It is a difficult and time-consuming process. Family counselors who specialize in divorce say that it can take as long as one or two years to truly recover.

Understanding the process and the feelings will help you to grieve the relationship and to grant yourself the time necessary to recover from the traumatic divorce experience of ending a marriage. An experienced family law attorney can provide invaluable advice and support throughout the divorce process so that you can move on to the next phase of your life.

An Amicable Divorce

Divorce is one of life’s most emotional experiences. If you are interested in keeping your divorce as amicable as possible, an experienced divorce lawyer can help you prevent these negative emotions from affecting the legal process and its outcome.

Staying calm and open-minded can spare you a great deal of time, money and heartache. You can rely on your family law attorney to help you deal with your situation clearly and objectively.

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